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CARE TREE Committee

The C.A.R.E. Tree is an opportunity for faculty, staff and students to recognize school community members who demonstrate C.A.R.E.  There is a tree on each floor.  Each floor has different color leaves.

Group members will create, distribute, collect and post them.  Announcements encouraging the community to build our tree will be made monthly via e-mail.

1st Floor              (Grades PK-1)

2nd Floor        (Grades 2-4)

3rd Floor        (Grades 5-6)

4th Floor        (Grades 7-8)

Green Leaves

Yellow Leaves

Orange Leaves

Red Leaves

THEME DAY Committee

The purpose of the Theme Days is to unite the school community by coming together and celebrating a chosen topic.  This committee will survey the school community’s interest and ideas for theme days.  This year the school community was encouraged to vote on their favorite theme days. 

Group members are responsible for communicating the theme days to the school community (via classroom announcements, flyers for grades Pre K-5, and posting advertisement around the school). 


Birthday Calendars are created and posted monthly to communicate birthdays of the month.   This committee will research whose birthday it is, create and post the calendar monthly.  


Birthday Cards are a way of communicating how special we think your birthday is.  This year only students in grades Pre K-3 and staff members will receive tangible birthday cards.  All students in grades 4-8 will receive an electronic birthday card.

The Birthday Cards committee is responsible for creating and issuing birthday cards even for summer birthdays.

***C.A.R.E. Bears work on their service projects on Wednesdays and Fridays.***