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House Intensive 2014

In our opinion, House Intensive was an opportunity for all the houses to build stronger relationships with their group members, gain a better understanding of their service learning projects, and evaluate the group's goal(s).  The C.A.R.E. Bears used this opportunity to learn ways to be effective  change makers.  

We began the day with a discussion on how our individual skills are used to support our House's goal which is to motivate students to learn by making school more fun through school activities.   We also created our own Mandala to demonstrate how one individual's actions can become a group's effort, and promote change in the world.

We then visited the Children's Museum of Art to see an exhibit titled Aware and Awake.  The artist, Ms. Gala Narezo, met us there to share her art piece.  Ms. Narezo said that everyone can be a change maker.  Aware and Awake is an art piece to help people understand the cycle and thought process involved in creating projects that can improve our society.  In summary, Aware and Awake is a series of questions we can ask ourselves, on the individual and group level, to gain perspective on ways to be mindful of our actions and how it affects the world.

Ms. Narezo then lead us in a project of our own.  We created our own journals with subtitles from the Mandala.  We will reflect on these questions during House to evaluate the work that we do as C.A.R.E. Bears.

"I enjoyed this day (and trip) because it was an opportunity to see how art can be used to motivate people to change the world.  I consider myself to be an artist, and this experience allowed me to see art in a different perspective." - Katherine Mateo

"My favorite part of the day was when we got to make our own journal books.  I like to draw and create art during my free time." - Morelia Rosario

"This trip was related to our service projects because we are always evaluating our work and thinking of ways to make it better.  The Mandala taught us the vocabulary behind this process.  Also, we use art in all that we do (for example, the birthday calendar, cards and CARE Tree)."  - Yainy de Jesus