Unit Schedule 2014-2015

Launch Dates Unit Unit Topic End of Unit Assessment Notes & Special Circumstances
9/4 NA Launching: PPT Slideshow
NA First week of school
9/8 1.4 Cloning: Threat or Opportunity? Baseline essay


9/22 1.7 Censorship: Who Should Decide What Young People Read? Socratic seminar Aligned w/Banned Books Week
Thurs 9/25- Fri 9/26: Rosh Hashana
10/6 1.5 Does Rap Music Have a Negative Impact on Youth? Album review with lyrical analysis Mon 10/13: Columbus Day
10/20 1.8 Global Warming: What Should Be Done? Formal Essay


11/3 1.6 Animal Testing: Is it Necessary? Promotional pamphlets Tues 11/4: Election Day
Tues 11/11: Veteran’s Day
11/17 1.9 School Dress Codes: Not Strict Enough Debate with assigned positions Thurs 11/27-Fri 11/28: Thanksgiving Recess
12/1 1.12 Junk Food: Should Schools sell it? Formal essay




Vocabulary Review
Gaming week w/culminating tournament


Winter Recess

1/5 1.10 Steroids: Substance Abuse or an Innocent Boost for Athletes? Creative writing


1/19 1.13 Is the Death Penalty Justified? Socratic seminar Mon 1/19: MLK Day
2/2 1.15 Today’s news: Information or Entertainment Formal essay


Midwinter Recess

2/23 1.14 Asthma: More Than a Medical Problem? Subway ads


3/9 1.16 Teen Smoking: Who’s Responsible? Creative writing including dramatic option


3/23 1.18 Should Drugs be Legal? Formal essay




Spring Recess



4/13 1.23 Explicit Photos and Cell Phones: Innocent Fun or Illegal Behavior?


Video PSA 3 week unit (wiggle room for testing and filming/editing)
5/4 1.20 High School Dropouts: Who’s to Blame? Socratic seminar


5/18 1.24 Dating Violence: Who is Responsible? Formal essay




Vocabulary Review
Gaming week w/culminating tournament


Thurs 6/4 Chancellor’s Conference Day